Nixon, the amazing developer

Every new technology comes with a hope, possibility and of course a target environment with a predefined solution. There are lots of things in which you can invest your time. But as there are almost hundreds of them (even more) it’s wise to work smartly rather work hard blindly.

If you think you will not move then you’re out of date, some other smart guy will take you down for sure. So, move as fast as you can while it’s still your golden time (you are younger than 30). And one more thing, don’t be stubborn and don’t get your emotion mixed with technology as it’s not necessary. Don’t lose an extra drop if it’s not beneficial.

So what are the possibilities for you (keep it in mind that this post goes for the industry level developers).

###Learn Git

If you don’t know how to work with Git then you should learn it at the very beginning. Because now a days without a proper knowledge of Git you will be f***ed twice a day. And that’s not cool.

###Learn a native mobile platform

You are probably thinking of using a HTML, CSS framework to develop mobile apps. But it’s almost impossible to maintain a mobile platform product using a common framework. To develop a quality app you need to learn the target platform’s native development system. It’s your wish what you will learn, choose any from iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. Of course there are others, lets just skip them for now.

###Learn JavaScript

This language is a monster. It survived 3 generations and now it’s in its best form till now. So there’s nothing to ignore it, it’s too important. And now-a-days JavaScript runs almost everywhere. Yahoo, isn’t that awesome!

###Know basic agile development

The first thing which is tought after graduation in companies to the freshers is how to work using a agile development system. No matter how strong you are, how brilliant developer you are, you are nothing if you work alone. If you wanna take your skill beyond human scale then work in agile development system.

###Estimate time properly

Most of the developers can not be a rockstar developer because of they can not estimate the end time of their work. Now almost everybody is perfect while estimating the duration. If you can’t do it passionately you are done. Better get used to with it.

###Learn a server side language

If you are cleaver enough then you will learn Node.js and go 2 step ahead at a time. Work in desktop, mobile or web environment it’s very necessary to learn a server side language. Without knowing a server side language one can’t gather basics of web, the developer way.

###Learn basic HTML,CSS

It’s the age of web. Learn to use the web in a developer way. Learn the basics, nuts and bolts of the modern web. Learn the basic HTML, CSS no matter you are a hardcore developer or a designer. Keep this in mind that a master designer also knows HTML, CSS.

###Learn to search

Learn to search your resources over the Internet as quickly as possible. Stop asking others. It’s just simple, you have the Internet, you know what you wanna learn. Then what the hell are you waiting for? Let’s use the Internet.

###Manage your tasks, issues

You can’t go ahead and shine your way if you can’t manage tasks and track issues. Learn to use a issue tracking system and keep your personal task manager. Use an task management application according to your need.

###Manage a project

It’s very important. Have anyone ever wondered why do all the companies want an experienced employee! That’s because of their working swiftness, managing capabilities and culture adopting mindset. Learn to manage a project (not an academic project, academic projects are bullsh*ts and teachers are no match for you).

These are just the first 10 possibilities and opportunities. There are more. For an awesome modern developer, there is nothing but only talent and hardwork.