alt I’ve seen an awesome software for Mac. And it’s CodeKit. Some of you may know about this from before as it’s version 2 of this software. But as I’m too impressed I’m gonna describe a little of it. And it’s not too costly, only $29 for this awesome app.

####What it actually does?

It actually does some great things which are very helpful to the developers. It helps you build websites faster and better. Let me explain a bit more.

#####Compiles everything

It compiles everything including SASS, LESS, Stylus, CoffeScript, TypeScript, Jade, Haml, Slim, Markdown and Javascript.

#####Auto-refresh browser

It provides a local server which reloads itself whenever any file is changed. And the server reloads whoever is connected to it including every Desktops, iOS devices, Android devices etc. No need to reload the page.

#####Bower built-in

We can install thousands of components with a single click (actually no action is required, CodeKit will load all the packages it finds in the bower file). Besides that CodeKit provides making personal libraries.

Actually CodeKit is a perfect tool for the frontend developers. With it implemented properly not only you can develop amazing HTMLs but also minimize the production time. But of course the effect of every tool depends on its users.

Wanna use the awesome application? Have a look at here