Recently there is a security bug found in OpenSSL which is present for 2 years and we were totally unaware of it.

Recently security researchers announced that security flaw with the OpenSSL, a popular data encryption standard.

When I heard of the security issue I was totally tensed about it. Because of we have more than one production server for running / live webapps. Almost more than plenty of thousands of dollars of transaction are done everyday. So the security is a big matter here.

As the security researchers discovered it and let the OpenSSL know first, and they published publicly after it’s fixed, so the latest update of OpenSSL is this bug free.

I went to the support of our dedicated servers’ providers to know which version we use. Then after that I’ve discovered than we are using the latest OpenSSL so we are totally free from that security bug.

Here’s a details of the issue here

Here is a comic about this bug here