Rails and Sinatra, both are frameworks written in Ruby language. They solve issues in different ways. They are might be in Ruby language but, followed by all the frameworks written in different languages including PHP, Node.JS, JAVA.

Rails is focused on writing model driven web applications. Sinatra is a framework to deal with HTTP from the server side. Sinatra is perfect for any kinds of API projects where Rails is suitable for normal applications. If you need to handle HTTP requests/responses, Sinatra is the perfect tool. If you want full integration and as much blueprint as possible, Rails is the right choice for you.

Sinatra is great for the micro-style, Rails is not. As long as we stay micro, Sinatra will beat Rails. If we go beyond micro, Rails will beat Sinatra.

So, we can divide the Node.JS frameworks according to this too. Let’s have a look.

####Sinatra Like These frameworks offer rich configuration and are less opinionated than Rails-like or full-stack.

  • Express
  • flatiron
  • Locomotive
  • total.js
  • Koa.js

####Rails Like Present your project properly. Create your own art from included templates

  • CompoundJS
  • geddy
  • Sails.js
  • RhapsodyJS

There are other frameworks and more frameworks are introduced day by day. Before choosing a framework analyze your project perperly.