First of all, what is Cocoapods!!

CocoaPods is the dependency manager for Objective-C projects. It has thousands of libraries and can help you scale your projects elegantly.

Almost every develper uses this to manage dependency in their projects. Couple of days ago I’ve started a sample chat App which was open source. From the project I learnt Cocoapods. Then I loved it as I already love verious dependency managers like Bower, Composer, NPM etc.

You can find Cocoapods here

You need Ruby Gems installed on your sysem to install Cocoapods as it’s a Ruby Gems module itself. To install it just use this easy command:

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

If you wanna update Cocoapods then just install the gem again. It will update itself as other Ruby Gems modules.

Cocoapods uses its Podfile to know the dependencies. Podfile is a file named “Podfile” which contains the list of all dependencies.

A Podfile can be very simple like:

pod 'AFNetworking', '~> 1.0'

Or very complex like:

platform :ios, '6.0'

xcodeproj 'MyProject'

pod 'ObjectiveSugar', '~> 0.5'

target :test do
    pod 'OCMock', '~> 2.0.1'

post_install do |installer|
    installer.project.targets.each do |target|

Here is the total documentation about the Podfile.

When we wanna install all dependencies then:

$ pod install

That’s all, you are good to go. You can see other open source projects how they are maintaining dependencies using Cocoapods.

####How to uninstall Cocoapods

Now here comes the unexpected part. How to uninstall cocoapods after you’ve successfully installed it on your Mac. Here’s how.

Remember, cocoapods is only a Ruby gem. So to uninstall it we first need to do is:

$ gem list --local | grep cocoapods

It will show something like this:

cocoapods (0.27.1, 0.20.2)
cocoapods-core (0.27.1, 0.20.2)
cocoapods-downloader (0.2.0, 0.1.2)

Now we just need to uninstall these 3 Ruby gems.

$ gem uninstall cocoapods
$ gem uninstall cocoapods-core
$ gem uninstall cocoapods-downloader

That’s it. Cocoapods is uninstalled. If you have multiple version installed on your mac then you probably need to do it:

$ gem uninstall cocoapods -v 0.20.2

So the uninstall process is done.

I love dependency managers, and I love Cocoapods very much.